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Symptoms Of Depression In Teenagers

Symptoms Of Depression In Teenagers

Depression is one of the most common and serious problem in teenagers. Every 7 out of 10 people have reported of suffering from depression in their teenage life. The symptoms of depression in teenagers may vary with the severity of cause and person’s emotional state. Teenage are more prone to depression because they are going through lot of hormonal changes. Along with this various other causes like peer pressure, sexual orientation and high expectations of parents may cause depression.

Occasional bad is a normal condition however, if a person is feeling low for more than a month then he may be suffering from depression. Depression can affect the future of teenager severely because future of a person largely depends on the decisions and actions taken in teenage life.

Adult usually consult a doctor when they are suffering from depression but teens are totally dependent on their parents. They won’t complain of suffering from depression, it is the responsibility of parents to be attentive and observe symptoms of depressions in their children. Few common symptoms are listed below.

Symptoms Of Depression In Teenagers


Teenagers are found to be very easily get irritated even due to minor reasons. Most people ignore it saying it is normal in this age. However, it may be symptom of depression if the person is usually upset.

Changes In Sleeping Habit

Teenagers suffering from depression won’t be able to sleep properly at night due to anxiousness. As a result they may feel sleepy during the day which may affect studies and school life of the person. Teenager will show lack of enthusiasm and laziness in everyday activities.

Lack Of Confidence

Lack of confidence is a common symptom of depression due to which he may not be able to take even small decisions independently. He may also suffer from inferiority complex due to depression and might have a feeling of worthlessness

Change In Appetite

You may notice changes in appetite of a teenager which may be caused due to depression. Most of them may not feel like eating as a result you may notice a significant weight loss in your child. Few teens may also start eating more than their regular diet.

Loss Of Interest

Due to depression teens generally loose interest from their hobbies. They will no longer enjoy activities which used to interest them and may avoid talking to others and will usually spend time alone feeling depressed.

Lack Of Concentration

Your child may face difficulty concentration on a subject because lots of thoughts are going through in his mind due to anxiety and depression. He may also suffer memory loss. This adversely affects studies of teenagers and you may notice sharp fall in the academic performance of the student.

Sensitive To Criticism

Depressed teenagers are unable to handle criticism and may overreact if criticized. Few teenagers can become very emotional and may start crying while others teens can become very aggressive and may start arguing or become violent.

Suicidal Tendency

In case the child is suffering from sever depression then he may show suicidal tendency like talking about death or fantasizing about death. Teenager may not handle any more pressure or expectations and decide to give up his life. You must take the situation very seriously and consult a doctor immediately. In fact one of the major causes of death in teenagers is due to suicides.

There is no specific test to diagnose depression. Doctors usually review the various symptoms of depression in teenagers and take help of interviews and questionnaires to diagnose depression in the teenager. With proper counseling and support from parents and peers a child may eventually get out of depression. You may also take help of antidepressants to relieve pressure and tensions.

Parents play a very important role in a teenagers life. They must talk to their children regularly and should never allow a communication gap. Your child should feel free to talk to you about everything.

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