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What Are The Reasons For Abortion

Reasons For Abortion

Abortion is one of the most common surgeries done on women, there are several reasons for abortion. In most cases abortion is the only way out of an unplanned pregnancy. Abortion is a sensitive topic and there are varied opinions on abortion depending on the culture and lifestyle of people. When asked for why women go for abortion almost 90% women gave more than two reasons or more. The most common reason for abortion is the inability to afford a child and that the pregnancy was unwanted. There are several other reasons for abortion which are listed and explained below

Reasons For Abortion

Financial Concerns

According to stats almost 72% women say they can not afford a baby. This is a major problem in developing and underdeveloped countries. Even in case a woman is very young, is single and is not having any job. It becomes impossible for her to pay for the pregnancy, birth and childbearing. Unplanned pregnancy places an enormous financial burden on the whole family if the parents are not prepared for it or lack resources.

Relationship Problems

Another major cause of pregnancy is an unstable relationship, especially in case of unmarried couples. Being a single parent is a very difficult job and many women opt for abortion instead of taking the responsibilities alone. 48% women who went for abortion said they did not want to be a single parent or had relationship problems.


In most cases a woman aborts her child when she gets pregnant as a result of forced sex. They can not deal with being faced  with the evidence of their assault, social pressure plays a vital role in this case. 1% women said they were victim of rape so they are going for abortion.

Already Had Child

People usually prefer to have a single child or at most 2 children and in there is unwanted pregnancy they abort it. 38% of women said they already had a child and did not want to have another one or could not afford another baby.

Medical Reasons

Many complications can be diagnosed when the baby is still in the womb and it is better option to abort it instead of increasing the sufferings. If a woman has diseases like AIDS or Hepatitis B then there are high chances that the disease will transfer to the child. Also child may have deformities when he is in the womb, in that case doctors recommend for abortion. 15% cases of abortion are related to medical reasons.

Unwanted Pregnancy

Especially in case of teenagers and women in there early 20s unwanted pregnancy as a result of one night stands is one of the major reasons for abortion. The child can affect their studies, career and the person may not be able to meet the costs of childbearing, person is not mentally prepared for child. . They do not want people to know they had sex or got pregnant and in most cases they go for at home abortion.

The decision to have an abortion is usually motivated by more than one factor. It is one of the most difficult decision which a woman has to make. A woman should never be forced to have an abortion and should be an independent decision of the pregnant woman. You can quote numerous reasons for abortion but the fact remains that you are killing a person. Improved contraceptive use can help reduce unintended pregnancy and abortion. Some abortions will remain difficult to prevent, you should choose proper technique of abortion.

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