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What Are The Signs Of Lactose Intolerance

Signs Of Lactose Intolerance

A person is said to be suffering from lactose intolerance if he is unable to digest diary products which contain lactose. Signs of lactose intolerance may show up within few minutes of consuming milk products. Lactose is a complex compound and in order to digest lactose it must broken down into the simpler compounds, glucose and galactose. This is done by a enzyme called lactase which is produced in the inner lining of small intestines.

Main cause of lactose intolerance is the lack of lactase in the body which may be due to birth defect or due to lesser production of lactase by body as the person becomes older. If the inner lining of intestine is damaged due to any disease related to  small intestine then also you may suffer from lack of lactase. Few signs of lactose intolerance which are mostly observed are listed below

Signs Of Lactose Intolerance


Lactose intolerance generally causes nausea, you may not feel comfortable and suffer from unpleasant feeling in the stomach. The person may vomit just after drinking milk.

Diarrhea And Dehydration

You may also suffer from diarrhea and the discharge can be foamy. Person may have to  go to toilet 4-5 times in a single day. You will feel very weak and might loose lot of body water which may lead to severe dehydration in the body.

Rumbling Sound

When you will carefully notice you may hear rumbling sound which is quite similar to gurgling sound in the stomach. It is another sign of a upset stomach.

Abdominal Cramps

One of the major signs of lactose intolerance is abdominal cramps, person suffers from excruciating pain due to contraction of muscles. Pain may intensify with abdominal movements like standing or bending.


Gas is formed when body breaks down food to get energy. The gas formation in the body may increase due to lactose intolerance. Frequent release of gas may cause embarrassment.


Person may feel fullness in the abdominal region. This may cause pain and you might feel uncomfortable and anxious due to bloating and you might not feel like eating or drinking anything.

It is very important to notice the signs of  lactose intolerance in infants because their main source of nutrients is milk and if it is causing problem in your kid then you must give him different foods to meet his nutritional requirements. Lactose tolerance test and stool acidity test are very useful to confirm lactose intolerance in a person. Till date there is no treatment or technique to increase lactase production in the body so it is better to avoid all the dairy products if you are intolerant to lactose.

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