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What Is The Hyperlipidemia Symptoms

Hyperlipidemia Symptoms

Hyperlipidemia is a disease which is caused due to increased levels of lipids in the blood. It is very difficult to diagnose the Hyperlipidemia Symptoms because it varies from person to person. Our body contains certain levels of cholesterol which is made of fats and lipids. When the level of lipid increases then it blocks the arteries which in turn disrupt the normal flow of blood in the body. If your diet contains high level of saturated fat and you have a family history of Hyperlipidemia then you are at a high risk of suffering from the disease.

Certain diseases like Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, liver and diseases can also lead to Hyperlipidemia. The common Hyperlipidemia Symptoms are listed below

Hyperlipidemia Symptoms


The arteries become hard and narrow due to accumulation of  plaque along the walls of the artery. This adversely affects proper blood flow in different parts of the body which can lead to different health complications.

Severe Chest Pain

Patients suffer from severe pain and pressure in the chest because of lack of oxygen in the heart. Due to Hyperlipidemia the amount of blood and oxygen reaching the heart decreases and the pain caused due to this is termed as Angina.


Patients suffering from Hyperlipidemia are at higher risk of gaining weight and have lower tolerance to glucose level in the body.


You may observe sore under the skin of a patient suffering from hyperlipidemia which is soft to touch and yellowish. This condition is called as Xanthoma, a disease which can appear in  different parts of the body like feet, elbows, hands and knees.

Heart Attack

Due to blockage of arteries as a result of accumulation of  plaques the amount of oxygen and blood reaching the Heart is restricted which may lead to heart related diseases and increased blood pressure. Under severe conditions it can also lead to heart attack.


Our brain will not get proper supply of blood and oxygen if there is blockage in our arteries. This is a major reason of stroke due to which you may suffer from paralysis, problem in vision and have difficulty in balancing and coordinating movements. Other complications include difficulty in speech and dizziness.

It is really important to understand hyperlipidemia symptoms, so that you can determine the best treatment as the symptoms varies from one individual to other. Treatment of Hyperlipidemia is possible with the help of medications and changes in the diet. Avoid high cholesterol foods and regularly exercise to avoid gaining weight. Certain drugs like statins are very effective in lowering the cholesterol levels.  Regular checkups of the cholesterol levels are very important for those who are at high risk. By making small changes in your lifestyle you can avoid major complications of the disease.

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